Offsite Backups | services

E-Fusion Technologies provides simple and secure online backup and recovery services, either hosted within the Cloud or by E-Fusion in house.

Benefits to Offsite Backup:

  • Simplicity – no hardware purchases are required for set-up
  • Accuracy – each backup is monitored by E-Fusion to ensure everything is running properly
  • Flexibility – the needs of each company are unique and we tailor our backup solutions accordingly
  • Accessibility – should an issue or disaster arise, keep your business running smooth by having the ability to quickly restore your critical data
  • Security – rest assured each backup is encrypted and stored securely, critical data is our business
  • Consistency – automatic backups mean up to date copies of your backups will be accurate and available when needed
  • Efficiency – day to day changes are quickly backed up, keeping the cost of internet usage and backup time to a minimum

Many of our clients are making the move from conventional backup methods to online backups – and all for good reason. What better reasons to use offsite backups then to protect your critical data by automatically streaming it, encrypting for transfer and have a live copy of all of your files in another location where it is safe from the same disaster that hits your home or office.

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