Disaster Recovery | services

The worst case scenario is not something we anticipate, but we do believe in being prepared for any disaster.

In the event of a building or natural disaster, downtime is probably not a viable option for your business. Service outages leading to lost or unavailable data can be embarrassing or worse, cause the loss of a business relationship.  If your business would like to protect its downtime, please call E-Fusion today to perform a Disaster Recovery audit of your company.

We will perform a review of your existing backup and recovery strategies, then propose a plan that will create a safe haven for your data. Being proactive on this front will help to yield a smaller dent in your pocketbook should disaster strike.

Utilizing Cloud technology, we are able to fully restore your working environment. This includes up to the minute data restoration to ensure your business never skips a beat. From the loss of a single file to the unfortunate loss of your entire office, we will have your data secured.