Business and IT Integration | services

For every project, the best place to start is to have a plan. Since each business is unique in their setup, our team will work with you to develop the best strategy to meet your network objectives.

We accomplish this by first performing an IT audit including a review of all existing equipment. Next we will develop a proposal to improve the efficiency of your current infrastructure. We will recommend options not just for the current needs of your business, but will include your projected growth. Short, mid and long term goals are important in developing the best overall picture. Utilizing this approach has proven economically beneficial for our clients.

We are pleased to offer custom plans for every project. Budget, time and needs are all important factors that we take into account. We are not robots operating on presets and we wouldn’t treat our clients like that either. We are happy to discuss options on a level that all parties will understand and should you or your team require training on the new setup, we offer that as well.

Helpdesk Support

We provide our clients with cost effective full service IT Helpdesk support, consisting of Level 1 and 2 specialists along with an IT Manager. This on-call support team will come in at the same or lower cost than 1 full time on staff IT person.

Benefits of team support include:

  • Skills – A wide range of skill sets suited to each project
  • Overhead – With training and equipment provided, the client does not have to absorb these individual mounting costs
  • Availability – Having a team of specialists working for you means there is always someone available, no need to worry about issues associated with IT staff turnover or leaves of absence.
  • Knowledge Base – As we work with a variety of companies, we are exposed to a greater number of technical scenarios. This puts our team in a great position to better identify and solve global technical issues.